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    Steak House Restaurant


    The Kouzineri steak house restaurant is located in the center of the city of Heraklion, Crete. Established back in 2009, it still manages to retain its original vision: to offer its customers the ultimate American restaurant experience, complete with an undeniable respect towards the ingredients, guests, and of course towards good food!

    After a change in location and a radical renovation in 2018, the original idea for the restaurant was finally realized, with its space no longer having any reason to envy that of a true American steak house. The classy New York City atmosphere that envelops the customer from the very first moment they pass through the entrance indicates that it is a charming, tasteful, and welcoming environment. Moving to the interior, the decor boasts some classic elements originating from the steak house culture, such as quilted lining and decorations of various colors, while the presence of wood is strong in every corner. There is also a classic New York bar where guests can enjoy a drink after lunch. All those details, selected with careful attention, allow anyone who enters the space to breathe the air of New York.

    NaturalBeefBlackAngusCREEK STONE FARMS

    The restaurant is renowned for its excellent meat, sourced exclusively from American Creekstone Farms, known to produce the best Black Angus beef in the world. The wonderful flavor of the meat as well as the restaurant’s consistent level of quality is also thanks to the cooking techniques employed. For example, the steak house uses a Josper oven, a professional oven that does not allow for doneness mistakes, ultimately delivering a perfect result. The unique smoky aroma it adds while shielding the flavors of the products, ensures that the customer will have an incredible and delicious experience.

    ExperienceFine Dining

    The tender meat undoubtedly steals the spotlight at “Kouzineri”, but the menu also includes a variety of appetizers, seafood, and accompanying dishes of exceptional flavor. Guests can enrich their meal by choosing unique dishes such as our delicious salmon tartare or the unparalleled ceviche with sea bass, lime, chili pepper, coriander, tomato, pickled onion, and peach.

     The menu also includes a range of delicious steak side dishes, such as Cheddar mashed potatoes; melted potato cream purée; Cheddar cheese; bacon; cheese and chives crust; or Roast Brie, a French oven-baked cheese served with raspberry jam. The steak house offers additional premium high-marbling options for those who want to experience the flavor of meat that is difficult to find.


    “Kouzineri” is also equipped with a wine cellar filled with our international wine collection and featuring a nitrogen dispenser, a machine that preserves the taste of the wine for a month, giving the visitor the opportunity to taste premium labels and enjoy an unforgettable wine tasting experience. The sommelier, highly trained and very knowledgeable, will advise you and help you select the perfect wine to accompany the dish of your choice!

    The lounge personnel plays a key role in perfecting the image of an American steak house as they are always smiling, eager, and happy to serve the customer in the best possible way. Feel free to visit “Kouzineri” if you want a journey in flavor similar to that of American restaurants!